Convenience doesn’t have to just be inclusive of people and wheelchairs.

Dumbwaiters can also add an element of convenience in the home and business. They are used in restaurants, kitchens, labs, and other places that require the movement of goods in multi-floor applications.

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fireplace dumbwaiter

Homes are great places to consider the addition of a dumbwaiter.

They can be used for laundry, groceries, firewood, and even decorations. Dumbwaiters can make using all levels of your home a reality.

The residential dumbwaiters manufactured by Fox Valley Elevator have a weight capacity of 100lbs to 200lbs depending on the model chose. Residential models have a travel speed of 30 FPM to 50FPM.

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Dumbwaiters are also still being added to Commercial projects.

They have an extended use in restaurants with multiple floors to move food and dishes.
They can also be used in labs for secure movement of materials.

Commercial versions of dumbwaiters have a lifting weight capacity of 300lbs to 500lbs, can accommodate up to six stops, and has a travel speed of 60FPM.

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dumbwaiter loaded with food
exterior dumbwaiter
dumbwaiter holding laundry basket

Both Commercial and Residential models are made right in the USA in Wisconsin, and are customizable to fit the environment where they will be installed within. Some options to chose from when considering a dumbwaiter for your project are:

  • Counter or Floor Loading
  • Swing, Bi-Parting, or Slide-Up doors
  • Car Finishes
  • Hall Stations, and Hall Station Finishes
  • A myriad of optional additions
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