Straight Stairways

If you can look straight up your stairway from the bottom, and there is no curve, then a straight stairlift is the correct product for you! These Range in cost from $2,800 to $6,000, depending on whether or not you are purchasing a new or used unit, the options that are needed to be added to the stairlift, and the length of your stairway.
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Stairlifts for Straight Stairs

There are Three Different Models of Stannah Stairlifts that are specifically engineered for Straight Stairways.

woman calling up stairlift

What Power Stair Chair is Right for you or your loved one?

Finding the right stair lift to meet your needs doesn’t have to be a chore. Let Access Lifts and Ramps, your local stairlift experts, make the process easy for you and your loved ones!

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man folding up stairlift to be out of way


This is the premium Stannah stairlift for straight stairs. This unit comes standard with a high, rounded back, and a gently tilted seat. This is the most comfortable model that Stannah makes!

Here are some things that the Starla has to offer.

man getting off stairlift
man riding up stairlift at home
stationary stairlift with seat folded up, unused

Easily Foldable

stairlift folded out

Beautiful Design

stairlift available in 6 upholstery colors

Five Upholstery Color Choices, which are also available trimmed with light or dark wood.

stairlift being folded


The Siena is easy to use, comfortable, and comes equipped with options that make life easier on the user.

Here are some things that the Siena has to offer that makes it a cut above the rest.


Narrow Rail

This makes this chair a good option for most stairwells, without being worried about the width left for other to use the stairs

stairlift seat has easy reach lever

Powered Foot Rest

The foot rest Power assisted operation at the touch of a button found on the arm of the chair.

stairlift seat, powered swivel option
stairlift seat showing powered swivel

Swivel Seat

This chair comes with a manual lever that will allow the seat to swivel in the direction needed by the rider to get off of the chair with ease.

seatbelt securing safety features


This model’s seat belt is on the armrest, which makes it more reachable for the user.

stairlift with seatbelt

Siena One

This budget friendly option is a basic Stannah Stairlift. It has the same basic functionality of all of the other models offered, but without of all of the Bells and Whistles of the Siena Model.
stairlift seat with standard manual swivel seat
Here are the main differences to consider:
close up of stairlift seat with person sitting in it

Manual Foot Rest

As Pictured above, The Siena One Seat and Foot Rest are connected. When you put the seat up, the foot rest comes up with it at the same time.

close up of stairlift with seatbelt

Different Seatbelt

The Seatbelt on this unit is connected to the back of the chair, and operates with a clasp on the front.

Aluminum Rail

This unit comes with an aluminum rail, versus the anodized steel rail construction of the Siena 600.

- Does not have color options on the Seat.
- This model cannot have additional options, like a power swivel for instance, added to it.

aerial view of stairlift

Curved Electric Stairlifts

Does your stairway have a curve to it with more than one landing? If so, it sounds like looking into a curved stairlift would be the best option for you. These motorized chairlifts are custom built to order to fit each person’s home. For this reason, they cannot be purchased as a used unit.

These units are made custom each time to fit your home. For this reason, there is not a lease or used option. Our Sales Team would come out and do a measurement with photos, and then we can get the custom item made at our manufacturers warehouse. It’s as easy as that!

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stairlift fits most staircases, has outside curve rail
main standing beside stairlift
woman sitting on stairlift
residential stairlift going down stairs with woman waiting

The Sadler

This model is for people who suffer from knee and hip, that cannot sit down fully. This model of motorized stairlift works on the curved rail, and comes with a tilting seat to gently raise and lower the rider. This model also has the Premier appearance of the Stannah Starla series with light wood accents.
woman siting on residential stair lift
stairlift chair site view

Tilting Seat

close up of stairlift control

Immobilizer Seatbelt

man sitting on outside stiarlift

Model 320
(For Outdoor Stairs)

At Access Lifts and Ramps, we want to make sure you can Live Longer in the Home You Love outdoors as well! Outdoor stairlifts are another available accessibility solution. The Stannah 320 Model Stairlift will range in cost from $6000 to $8500 in These models are built to hold up to year-round weather conditions, and help the user gain mobility at their home.

The Stannah Siena 320 is the outdoor stairlift model. The functionality and ease of use of this model is the same as all of the other Stannah Stairlift line, only this one can withstand outdoor conditions.

exterior chair stairlift
stairlift w/ cover

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