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Duo Alta
Live Longer in the Home you Love with the addition of a home elevator!

There is a solution to mobility issues for virtually any home! With the differing manufacturers and models available with Access Lifts and Ramps, these home lift units can be added to new and existing homes with ease.

The possibilities on adding a residential elevator or lift to your home are ever evolving. We offer a selection of what we feel are the best and most reliable products on the market. The units we offer range in their style, operational manner, usability and installation method.

Some require a pit and other more extensive construction work done to the home; while others require very little space and change to be added to your home. Finding the correct solution for you and your budget is our main goal.

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Stiltz Home Lifts

The Stiltz home lift is unique in its operational manner and is a great budget friendly option for many homeowners.

Operating on a Two-Beam System, this unit is installed using a small footprint in the home. No load-bearing walls are required to install these home lifts like others, there will be no visible hoists or motors, and it plugs into an outlet in your home.

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trio alta shaftless elevator, 3 images slowly descending

Why Choose a Stiltz?

The Stiltz Home Elevator Line is available in three different models that you can consider for your home.
Small Footprint

Covers less than 5 square feet

Whisper Quiet

No hydraulics or vacuum systems used

Fast Installation

Usually installed within 1 to 2 days on site


Uses power from a normal outlet in your home just like any other appliance

Unique Guide System

The twin guides bear all the load of the system

Self Contained Drive System

The roped drum braked gear motor system is contained within the unit itself

Stiltz Duo Classic & Alta

The Stiltz Duo Classic is the original Stiltz offering.

This can carry two people up to one floor. The dual rail system is self-supporting and puts no additional weight on the home. They come in a Thru Car, or Enter/Exit configuration, and the door can be made at half or full height.

shaftless elevator with door open
Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift Footprint blue print

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Stiltz Trio Alta

The Stiltz Trio Alta Model is the Wheelchair accessible model of the Stiltz line of home lifts.

This is an economically sound choice for home mobility. These can fit a standard wheelchair, and are also ideal for this using a walker, cane, or rolling walker.

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shaftless elevator going down

The Trio model is also available in a Stiltz Trio Thru Car Model.

This model of the Stiltz Trio allows users to enter and exit at opposite sides of the elevator. This configuration can be convenient for those in a wheelchair to travel in between floors with ease without additional assistance.

home elevator with glass walls, fits wheelchairs
Stiltz Homelifts, Trio Alta full width: 1047mm/41 1/4", full depth: 1280 mm/50 3/8"

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Customizable Home Elevators by Symmetry Elevating Solutions

Symmetry Elevating Solutions happens to be the most customizable residential elevator line that we offer.

Here are some reasons to consider this premier line of a Symmetry Elevating Solutions Residential Elevators:

  • Made in the USA (in Illinois)
  • Completely Customizable to fit your home
  • Industry Leading Warranties
  • Thoughtful Design & Engineering
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inside home elevator
inside home elevator

These are a great option for existing and new build environments. Our team can assist with the design of the elevator, and provide design and CAD drawings for the addition of the elevator to your home or project.

Adding any of these options to your home can add elements of

  • Convenience
  • Aging in place
  • Added value to your home
  • Luxurious style to your home
Choose Your Model

There are three separate models of this manufacturers line of residential elevators.

  • In Line Gear Drive
  • Hydraulic Drive
  • Winding Drum Drive
inside home elevator
inside of home elevator

In Line Gear Drive

  • Has a motor located at the top of the rail structure, and a counterweight. When the elevator is moving up, the counterweight will be moving down.
  • Save Space and Money with No required Machine Room
  • Runs at a 40 Feet Per Minute Travel Speed
  • 1000LB Rated Weight Capacity
  • Runs on 208-2308 VAC, 60 Hz, 15 Amp, Single Phase Power Supply
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Hydraulic Drive

  • Utilizes a ram , or piston, to raise and lower the car by filling and releasing fluid within an airtight cylinder
  • The ‘Quietest’ Ride
  • 1000Lb Weight Capacity 
  • 40 Feet Per Minute Travel Speed
  • Runs on 208/230 VAC , 60 Hz , 30 Amp single-phase power supply for motor controller
    • 120 VAC, 60 HZ, 15 Amp, Single-phase power supply for the elevator
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accordion gate of home elevator
stainless steel and glass home elevator gate

Winding Drum Drive

  • Utilizes Heavy Duty Aircraft Cables attached to a Rotating Drum
  • Smoothest and Quietest Ride
  • Requires a machine room
  • 1000Lb Weight Capacity
  • 40 Feet Per Minute Travel Speed
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Our design team will help you navigate the many options available to you for the elevator design. This will involve the lighting options, the wall style and wood or paint options, flooring, and even the intricate details of the hand rail, fixture, and Car Operating Panel Materials used.

button panel of residential elevator
interior pannel of residential home elevator
home elevator gate
home elevator gate

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Symmetry Elevating Solutions Shaftless Home Elevator

Symmetry Elevating Solutions is a product that is made in the U.S.A, comes with industry leading warranties, and thoughtful design. Symmetry continues to improve their products and we are a proud dealer of their product lines.

This unit features all the benefits of owning a Symmetry Elevating Solutions product with a smaller footprint. The amount of construction needed to add this type if home elevator to your residence is minimal. Once the site preparation is complete these can be installed by our team with 2 to 4 business days.

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shaftless elevator
shaftless elevator

The space saving design of this compact elevator makes it a great option for existing homes that have design features that can be worked out by our design team.

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Integrated Sliding

Entry doors

Uses Standard

120 VAC outlet

Battery Powered

Allows for travel during power outages

Can Accommodate Two Floors

Within 14 feet of total travel

shaftless view of elevator

No pit or machine is needed for this type of elevator.

This shaftless home elevator can accommodate up to two floors of travel within 14 Feet of travel. It works off a standard home outlet and has a battery powered back up for use during power outages. These units have a 400 LB weight capacity.

up & down elevator button

Symmetry’s Shaftless home elevator operates on a rail that would be connected to a supporting wall behind the unit.

The elevator then travels through an aperture in the floor above or below its destination.

Much like Symmetry’s Traditional Home Elevator Line, these home lifts are fully customizable to fit the design and look of your home! When working with our design team, you can choose from a line of paint colors and fixture finishes to make this an additional piece of your home that doesn’t look out of place.

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