Vertical Platform Lifts / Wheelchair Lifts

Being in a Wheelchair doesn’t mean people have to stop enjoying normal day to day activities. Multiple Floors or several stairs no longer need to be an obstacle for any Home or Business

Wheelchair Lifts work with the use of Constant Pressure Operation. This means that the user or an attendant must hold down the button to make the lift move while they are on it, and release the button to stop motion. They come in varying models of  Unenclosed, enclosed, and shaftway versions. What model you choose will be dependent on your needs, how far it needs to travel, where it is being installed, and your general design preferences.

Unenclosed Models

Unenclosed Wheelchair Lifts can be used in a residential or commercial setting, indoor or outdoor, and require little to no site preparation for installation. They can be operated by an Acme Screw Drive that operates at 10FPM, an Accelerated Screw Drive that operates at 20 FPM, or a Hydraulic Drive that operates at 17 to 20 FPM. The Weight Capacity is 750 LBS, and lifting height for this kind of VPL cannot exceed 60”.

Configuration & Sizes

Unenclosed Vertical Platform Lifts can be configured as a straight through or 90 degree Enter/Exit configuration, and are available with the following platform sizes:
  • 36” X 48”
  • 36” X 54”
  • 36” X 60”
  • 42” X 60” 

Custom Platform sizes can also be considered for your project.


They can be made with differing materials to fit the overall look of your home or building.

Here are the safety features you can expect to see on your Vertical Platform Lift:

  • Non-Skid Platform Surface
  • Alarm and Illuminated Emergency Stop Switch
  • Grab Rail
  • Upper Final Limit Switch

Other Safety Features to consider:

  • ADA Compliant Phone
  • Battery Backup Package
  • Broken Chain Safety Device (hydraulic drive)
  • Adding Interlocks on doors/gates to ensure that they stay locked and closed during operation of the lift.

A 3” pit is generally expected for installation, and a Ramp will be required for Non-Pitted Installations.


Wheelchair Lifts can also be used as a substitute for Gangways on piers.

Download an Unenclosed Vertical Platform Lift (wheelchair lift) Brochure

Enclosed Models

Enclosed Vertical Platform Lifts/Wheelchair Lifts operate similarly to the Unenclosed models. Enclosed models can be used in a commercial or residential setting. They still use constant pressure operation, and have many of the same features for safety. Weight Capacity remains at 750 lbs., and they can be operated by the Screw Drive or Hydraulic means.

These models can accommodate up to 6 stops within their 14 feet or travel, and can have a total lifting height of 168”.

Enclosed Vertical Platform Lifts have Four Different Enter/exit configurations to choose from, as well as four typical platform sizes.

Configurations: Platform Sizes:

  • Straight Through – 36” X 48”
  • 90 Degree – 36” X 54”
  • Enter/Exit Same Side – 36” X 60”
  • Three Gate – 42” X 60”

Symmetry Elevating Solutions Vertical Platform Lifts are made in the USA, come with Industry Leading warranties, and are customizable to any building or overall décor you have in your home or business.


This Lift for instance, is made of Stainless Steel, and have Clear Plexi Enclosure Walls.


Enclosed lifts are great options to consider for an outdoor porch setting as well. They are durable options for outdoor use.


If an enclosed unit is in an outdoor setting, and has a roof and transparent walls, a power ventilation system will need to be added.

Symmetry has a full line of RAL colors to choose from to make the exact color of your choosing.

Download an Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift Brochure

Shaftway Vertical Platform Lift

The Shaftway Model of Wheelchair Lift is made to fit into an enclosed shaftway that is made by others. This kind of Vertical Platform Lift is designed this way so it can more easily be incorporated into most settings like a traditional elevator would. These are also ideal for environments that require a fire rated vertical platform lift. Economically speaking, this VPL is also a great

They can manufactured to be ADA compliant. These can also serve multiple stops or landing with 14’ or 168” of travel.


They are a great option for business to consider when they are replacing an outdated unit that is in an already built shaftway.

Download a Shaftway Vertical Platform Lift Brochure

Hybrid Lifts

This style gives you the best of both worlds. The Hybrid lift made by Symmetry Elevating Solutions offers the look and feel of a traditional elevator, but continues to operate with constant pressure controls like a vertical platform lift.

The controls for this style will be situated on a COP (car operating panel) as seen below.


Hybrid lifts can accommodate multiple landing within their 14’ of reach, and are a great option for places that see more traffic with use of the lift than others due to his increased durability.

The Hybrid also comes with a full height cab and doors.

Download a Hybrid Lift Brochure

Portable Wheelchair Lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts can also be purchased in a convenient portable model. These models are great for environments that may not have the space to keep the Vertical Platform Lift in the room at all times. They also do not require any additional site preparation or construction done at the site for their use.

These seem to be used most often in stage and podium environments. They are a fantastic, budgetary conscious, low rise vertical barrier solution.

The Garaventa Staage

Driven by a single-phase Acme Screw Drive Motor, the main power required for this unit to operate is 120VAC. It comes with a standard wall plug, and 10 feet of power cord.


The Three Wheel Portable Design makes this unit easy to use, and easy to move out of the way when wheelchair accessibility is not needed.

It is equipped with many safety features, up to and including, a downward travel obstruction safety sensor, and an emergency alarm.

This wheelchair lift can accommodate upward travel up to 42”, and like all other wheelchair lifts, has constant pressure operation.

Download the Garaventa Staage Brochure

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