A recent study has shown that about two-thirds of present-day school districts and facilities still have physical barriers that may limit access to the public. These barriers include steep ramps, inoperable door handles and other potential ADA violations.

Providing accessible entrances and pathways within a school can be beneficial to the student, teachers and caretakers that make a school what it is. This can also aid in the development of a child. Inclusivity in all activities helps a child grow developmentally as well. Not to mention, much like a church, a school can be a place that serves more purpose to a community than solely providing education.

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Providing Accessibility in Schools

The Americans with Disabilities Act was adopted into law in 1990. This law prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in all areas of public life. This can be a difficult project to navigate without assistance. Some schools need additions to entrances, while others need more assistance with accessibility to stage areas.

Whether a school is making an existing space accessible, or making an addition accessible, there are many options to consider. There are options that can fit almost any budget, and some of these options are even portable and do not require any additional site preparation or construction done to the building or structure.

For accessibilities in schools, you may be considering stairlifts, wheelchair ramps or even vertical and horizontal wheelchair lifts.

Click the links below to look into some options that might work for you.

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Inclined Platform Lifts

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Vertical Platform Lifts (Wheelchair Lifts)

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Portable Vertical Platform Lifts

Access Lifts & Ramps can help you find the correct product to fit your public-school environment.

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