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man riding up stairlift at homeGetting around can be challenging for some people, and stairs can be nearly impossible. However, stairs don’t have to be uncrossable. A motorized stairlift installed in your home or business can help people climb up and down stairs with ease, improving access and helping people feel comfortable and welcomed.

Find a reliable motorized stairlift from Access Lifts and Ramps in Buffalo, NY, to help loved ones or visitors move up and down stairs.

About Our Motorized Stairlifts

We have various railing chairlifts available to fit most staircases, with models for straight or curved staircases and even one for outdoor use. Each model we carry has slightly different traits and several safety features, allowing you to find the right one for your building.

Key Safety Features to Consider:

  • Swivel Seats
  • Seatbelts
  • Tilting Seats
  • Foldable Seats
  • Footrests

Access Lifts and Ramps’ different models also come in different colors or fabric choices, allowing you to match the decor in your home or business. Additionally, all of our stairlifts are up to code in design and when installed. You can rest assured that it will be safe for all riders.

For more information about our straight and curved stairway models, click below.

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