Vertical Platform Lifts in Rochester, NY

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outside vertical wheelchair liftBeing in a wheelchair can impede mobility, making day-to-day activities more difficult, but it doesn’t have to stop it. With a vertical platform lift from Access Lifts and Ramps, stairs won’t be an obstacle and moving between floors will be easy.

If you’re in Rochester, NY, learn more about your options for a wheelchair lift with Access Lifts and Ramps.

About Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts, also called wheelchair lifts, can maneuver between floors or a raised area of several stairs. Wheelchair lifts rely on a constant pressure operation, meaning that the user or an attendant must hold down the button to make the lift move while on it. The movement will stop at the release of the button.

There are several different types of wheelchair lifts:

  • Unenclosed models
  • Enclosed models
  • Shaftway versions
  • Portable lifts
  • Hybrid lifts

The model you choose depends on your needs and the needs of the facility or building it will be installed. General design preferences can also shape the decision.

Install Your Vertical Platform Lift

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